Lower Park Five-Panel Hats

The five-panel hat is handmade with dead stock fabric from all over the world, and has a shorter brim than our standard five-panel.

All of our hats are handmade, unique, and produced by our small, talented team in Guadalajara, Mexico.

We produce extremely limited runs of each design and each hat is slightly different due to the nature of how they are made.

We do not work with sweatshops - everything from the embroidery, to the entire stitching of our products, is done by us with love and care. 

We source our textiles from all around the world and each pattern has its own story.

On the inside, there is a tag displaying the flag of the fabric's country of origin.

Vegan - no leather

The brim is made with faux suede and has a thin, flexible plastic insert for support and shaping.

One size fits most
Fits up to Size 8
Metallic buckle close with a side opening to tuck away faux leather strap

Each hat is made with a different material but most are cotton / polyester mix which can (technically) be thrown in a washing machine. That said we recommend hand washing in warm, soapy water before letting it air-dry. If at all possible, put the hat around a ball or circular object so when it dries it maintains it's form and doesn't become wrinkled. But even if it does, it will unwrinkle once worn for an hour or so. 

The hats made from thinner materials like silk are a little more delicate and should only be hand washed in warm water with soap. 


Color: Mora Six (SB)
Mora Six (SB)
Tamasuguku (SB)
Dayr Az Zawr (SB)
Wawona (SB)
Yeslidere (SB)
Afsin (SB)
Tree Lit (LB)
Temelec (SB)
Wawona (LB)
Mallawi (LB)
El Saff (LB)
Al Khoses (LB)
Glenroe (LB)
Anziono (SB)
Rochentas (SB)
Tree Lit (SB)
Fronilla Lima (SB)
Fronilla Rosa (LB)
Puntos Rojas (SB)
Puntos Beige (LB)
Lagrima Vina (LB)
Paislaje (SB)
Morangeles (LB)
Nidolla (LB)
Kazlikoy (SB)
Damascus (SB)