Thunder Moon Collective is the passion project of designer and owner, ME – Nina Brito. I have been crafty since, well, birth. I have also had an entrepreneurial spirit since I was a small child. From selling lanyard string at recess to starting my own jewelry business to writing my own DIY blog for 2 years, I have had a lot of side hustles in my 34 years on this Earth. I have finally hit my stride and found my niche in succulents. I have lived around succulents in sunny California, my whole life and I know them inside and out. I like to differentiate by adding house plants, using unique, one-of-a-kind vessels and adding funny sayings to these lovely gifts.

I have been giving succulent arrangements out as presents for years now as well as creating them for my garden. I am not quite sure what made me finally connect the dots, but flowers, plants, DIRT – it all just makes me happy. I finally decided to do something about it - I had to start selling my wares. If I didn’t do something, I was either going to let my hobby make me go broke OR I was going to have to start buying more furniture to display all my creations. It was about to get all Grey Gardens up in here! It was also key for me to become a bigger part of Santa Barbara! I have lived here for 5 years and have barely dipped my toe in the water. I cannot wait to see happy faces all over this city I call home. Let’s melt hearts together, people!