My name is Nina. Our shop is called Thunder Moon Collective and we are a small business that was started in Santa Barbara, Ca, but has moved to Nashville, TN. Before Thunder Moon was born, my background has been in both the wholesale and retail spaces. That is where I have spent my entire career from age 16 to 39 (now). I worked for other companies soaking up every bit of knowledge I could knowing I would one day jump on my dream of owning my own store. I wanted Thunder Moon to be somewhere that fostered community in person with our customers, but also with the collection of small businesses we would carry in the shop. I love small business because of the passion. It is so apparent the love small business owners have for what they do. You can see the dream becoming reality. There is nothing better than that! We work with handmade and small businesses from all over the world. Each one with a story that we love to tell. Collectively, their stories become part of our story. I like to think of my little store as a shop of colorful dreams that became reality. 16-year old Nina would be so excited to see this come to life! It took me a long ass time, but I finally did it!