54 Celsius Brand Story

they don't think candles have to be boring. 

Candles have a combination of warm, low light and slow transformation. It is what makes them the solution for communicating the mood. Whether it's intimacy, festivity, enchantment or elegance - candles say it like nothing else

54 Celsius strives to enhance the conversation by bringing you candles that are so beautiful and unique that they can easily transition from a supporting role to the star of the show. They design their own collections as well as share the work of some very talented friends by distributing their candles.

Let's meet some of those artists, yes? Both hail from one of my favorite places, the Netherlands and make some of the best shaped candles on the market. 

OntwerpDuo - their fantastic world emerges from the collaboration and chemistry between Tineke Beunders and Nathan Wierink. Their mission statement: to take fairy-tale ideas and translate them into functional designs to surprise the world. Every design expresses a male and female side: technical alongside story-telling, function alongside colour and charm, Nathan alongside Tineke and vice

We carry two colors of their lovely Tallow Candledesign: A candle needs the candlestick, which requires a candle in return. The Tallow unites these two objects through melding them into an inseparable union. Bathe in its light for eight long hours or accessorize it for all eternity. The playful design is entirely in wax and available in Green and Orange.


Next up is Lex Pott - He is an Amsterdam-based designer who combines traditional Dutch minimalism and a preference for natural materials with an arrestingly sleek aesthetic. His wide range of output extends from fine art to functional design -- and includes furniture, decorative objects, household products, textiles and interior

We are proud to carry his Twist Candle design: The twist candles use the flexibility of wax. Candles are usually straight and therefore need a base. In this project we tried to combine both base and the candle in a single material shape. Resulting in one candle double ends candle. 

The liquid state of wax was a starting point in this project. By bending and twisting candles a new typology appears combining form, function and fun. 


54 Celsius also has their own line of candles called Pyro Pets - each one with their own aluminum skeleton underneath so when you burn it, you get a surprise! I have the BiBi, which is bird shaped and cute as can

I hope you all enjoyed learning about this new brand and the artists it represents! Click on the photos of each item to go to the item pages if you want one for yourself! 

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